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12+1 免费瓶装

自豪地在加拿大制造。 不在商店出售。



10 顾客评论
  • 12 瓶加 1 瓶免费生命之泉抗氧化滴剂——由最佳挪威云杉提取物制成,采用世界独家专利提取工艺。
  • 瓶装内容物:30 毫升(1 美国液量盎司)或每瓶约 300 滴
  • 降低乳腺癌风险、结肠癌风险、心脏病风险、糖尿病并发症、心血管疾病风险。
  • 保护和改善免疫系统对抗病毒、头发健康、心脏健康、新陈代谢、DNA、前列腺健康。信任徽章加拿大 npn 号码

订单在 1 到 3 天内处理。 加拿大时间的预计交货时间取决于提供跟踪号码的快递公司。

高含量的植物木脂素和其他强大的抗氧化剂 生命之泉补充剂 来自挪威云杉树提取物的强效专有提取物,众所周知,它具有大量的健康益处,如下所述。


生命之泉产品 保护和改善:

  • 免疫系统对抗病毒
  • 头发健康
  • 心脏健康
  • 代谢
  • 的DNA
  • 前列腺健康


  • 乳腺癌风险
  • 结肠癌风险
  • 心脏病风险
  • 糖尿病并发症
  • 心血管疾病风险

生命之泉抗氧化剂的每日剂量取决于您的体重。 我们建议体重 5 公斤(50 磅)或以下的用户每天至少服用 110 滴,体重超过 10 公斤的用户每天至少服用 50 滴。 如果您的体重超过 100 公斤(220 磅),您应该考虑服用超过 10 滴,以获得最大的抗氧化补充益处 生命之泉油. 一般规则是每 1 公斤(10 磅)体重添加 22 滴。



生命之泉具有天然的苦味 FOL 挪威云杉提取物. 生命之泉滴剂可以直接服用——只需每天将生命之泉滴剂置于舌下一次。 在吞咽前将其留在口中 1 分钟。 它还可以添加到食物或饮料中,例如酸奶、水、果汁、茶、咖啡或啤酒。


木脂素补充剂 已证明当直接放置在割伤和擦伤上时可提供伤口愈合特性。 当在口腔中局部使用时,木酚素有助于解决牙龈炎症。 将生命之泉抗氧化剂滴直接滴在舌头上,然后在口腔周围移动。 木脂素会自然地粘附在您的牙齿和牙龈上,因此不要使用果汁或水作为搅拌器,因为它会洗掉木脂素。

有报告和评论表明,使用木酚素补充剂可以改善痤疮等皮肤状况。 指甲真菌、向内生长的指甲和角质层问题等状况已显示出局部状况的改善。




最近发表了一项关于生命之泉 (7-HMR) 木酚素的研究。 结果显示胰岛素抵抗降低、脂肪代谢增加和胆固醇水平降低,从而导致受试者体重减轻。

这表明,作为一种功能性食品,生命之泉补充剂可以替代许多食物来源中不再存在的木酚素,并为我们的健康提供显着益处。 为了减轻体重,请每天至少服用 30 滴。


FOL 挪威云杉提取物 可用于洗发水和护发素,以解决头皮问题和头皮屑。 每5毫升洗发水或护发素添加100毫升,可有效减少头皮屑,改善头皮健康。


生命之泉补充剂可以保护和维护您家养宠物的健康。 如果您的宠物被绝育或绝育,木脂素可以帮助它们的荷尔蒙平衡 木脂素已证明可以改善患有库欣病的狗的健康。 每天每 1 公斤宠物的体重添加 10 滴 FOL 到他们的食物中。


没有研究支持使用 生命之泉滴 孕妇或哺乳期妇女。 虽然 FOL 的概况非常安全,但我们不能在没有大量研究和多年研究的情况下统一声明 FOL 是安全的。这条规则适用于所有产品,无论是否为植物性产品。


在儿童的发育过程中,遵循主要关注儿童健康和胎儿健康的政府机构的批准指示至关重要。 无论您居住在哪个国家/地区,每个政府都关心儿童的福利,公司必须遵守严格的规定。

  • 7-羟基马油树脂
  • 7-羟基马油树脂(异构体)
  • 癸二酚
  • 落叶松脂醇
  • α-conidendren
  • 里奥维尔
  • 松香树脂醇

存放在阴凉干燥的地方以保持新鲜。 如果安全密封破损,请勿使用。

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12+1 免费瓶装

自豪地在加拿大制造。 不在商店出售。



10 顾客评论

订单在 1 到 3 天内处理。 加拿大时间的预计交货时间取决于提供跟踪号码的快递公司。

10评论 12+1 免费瓶装

  1. DD

    Ive used many products over my years, but never have had such amazing results! I love Fountain of Life!
    Hot flashes… Gone, energy, thru the roof! Thank you ?

  2. 朱迪

    My dog ​​also has a leg wound that has not healed and after a few days that I used two or three times a day the 1 drop the wound almost cured.
    So again thanks

  3. 德布

    Got my FOL. I felt results in 15 minutes! Serious!! I felt a real mental boost of energy! I took 10 drops. Tastes a little woody…but very easy to take. Definitely not placebo because I took the drops and ran out the door on errands, not even thinking about it. lol

  4. Virlin

    I got a knee injury where I have a tear of the posterior meniscus horn. No pain absolutely. The doctor wanted to prescribe pain killers and I told her I don’t have pain, just a tightness. Before I left her office she said I can prescribe paracetamol. I told her no pain. After the visit, I sent a pic to my sis (a nurse) and she called me right away to ask “what did you get for the pain”? My threshold for pain is rock bottom. I said no pain. Her response “The anti-inflammatory properties of FOL is working for you”. My response “I forgot that I am taking FOL and didn’t mention to the doctor”

  5. sr

    I am now 26 years of age. 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with alopecia. This autoimmune disorder is a challenge for the doctors. I tried all of the conventional medicines but they did not work as I lost all of my eyebrows, facial hair, hair on my scalp and body.

    My cousin suggested I try this all natural product called Fountain of Life. I was skeptical as I researched everything on this autoimmune disorder but I thought I would give it a try. After 6 months, I have recovered 75% of my hair. So please, if you are hesitating to use this product and you are trying to prevent a problem or recover from one, this is your solution!

  6. 莫妮卡

    As I was overweight, I decided to take a full dropper of Fountain of Life every morning and every night beginning March of this year. I had high blood pressure but was not on any medication for anything.

    I instantly had more energy and slept better every night. I started exercising and totally changed my diet (no salt). Within 6 wks, I lost 17 kgs which also meant my blood pressure was improving (from high 190’s/ 120’s). Now, at 61 yrs of age, my blood pressure is normal and I’ve never been fitter in all my life.

  7. 乐声

    Arthritis is near gone since I started using Fountain of life, just about 3 weeks now, 10 drops under my tongue. I can squat and get up with ease, I go up and down the stairs with ease. FOUNTAIN OF LIFE all the way.

  8. 克里斯汀

    So in April 2018 I had found out my liver enzymes were in the 100’s which led me to the Emergency Department, although a few months prior my blood was normal.

    July I found out I’m have 2 genetic component that make me a carrier and have potential to developed hemochromatosis (iron overload) and I diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

    My friend convinced me to try FOL after a year of begging me to try it. Honestly, I thought it was another scam product as I‘ve tried a lot of products and diets over the years just that failed.

    This first time in my life, I was able to actually lose weight easily, which is key into reversing NAFLD. From July- December, I’ve lost 45 lbs… Although my Specialist asked me to lose 30 lb in 1 yr, I did it in a few months.

    My liver biopsy, done 2 days after my 33th birthday discovered my liver nowhere close to being cirrhotic. In February, I found my liver enzymes are back in normal range and my iron only elevated by 2%.

  9. 多萝西

    I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and Degenerative Disc Disease, as well as arthritis in every joint and broken bone. However, in my most recent appointment with my neurologist which treats me for the MS, a odd thing happened. He asked me what the heck I was doing because I looked “fabulous” !

    My gait had improved significantly and other tests proved it. With the reduction in inflammation, FOL has given me back a more normal life than I had ever thought possible! As is the routine with my appointments and the medication I am on, I had to go to have a complete metabolic panel drawn up (blood tests). As soon as the results came back the next morning, the neurologist called me personally! I am to “Keep on doing what you are doing!

    That stuff (FOL) May not be a Drug, but it is certainly got my approval for you using it. Your labs came back the best I have ever seen them! Don’t you dare ever stop taking it, it is truly a miracle! Great job.” I thanked him and told him that he shouldn’t worry as I was not about to stop taking it because it truly works! I have only been taking FOL every day since Feb 14. At 7:37pm and the benefits far outweigh the taste! Thank you ever so much

  10. 安西娅

    For years, I suffered from pain in the knees. I tried every form of over the counter medication….sprays, liniment, oils, etc. Some of them did nothing to alleviate the pain.Others provided relief for a while.

    One day as I was limping my way through town, I met Dr. E. I told about the pain that I was experiencing. She told me to check with her in a few weeks’ time and she would give me something for the pain.

    When I went in to see her about a month later, she gave me a bottle of Fountain of Life. I really didn’t believe it would have worked, but I took it as directed.

    Three days later, the pain ceased. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve had no pain since. I still take F.O.L.





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